18May 2024

19May 2024

Camping, Cooking & Demo Weekend


Come Along for a Camping & Cooking Experience
1 Adults
0 Children
1 Cars

We are bringing everyone together for an all inclusive knowledge sharing weekend covering many topics.

Camping at Back to Nature Caravan Park - Guilderton
Bush camping with full amenities including Showers, Toilets.

Costs will be:
~$25-30 Per Person - covers camping and food costs
We will put on some shared meals from Camp Fire Cooking.
*If you're providing a shared meal you will be re-imbursed

Training topics will include:
Fire Lighting & Building
Fire Cooking using Jaffle Irons (Toasted Sandwhiches)
Fire Cooking using Cast Iron & Spun Steel Camp Ovens
Fire Cooking using Frying pans/skillets/grill baskets/hot plates
Cleaning & Seasoning Cast Iron & Spun Steel

Tent Setup & Packup
Swag Setup & Packup
Camper Trailer Setup & Packup

Equipment Demonstrations will include:
Varierty of Chairs - Compact/Lightweight/regular
Assortment of Tables - Compact/Lightweight/Heat-proof
Camp Lighting - 12V, Battery, Rechargeable, Gas
Gas Stoves - LPG vs Propane vs Butane vs Petrol
Tent Styles - Pop up vs Standard vs Single layer vs Double Layer vs Synthetic vs Canvas
Swag Styles - Domes vs Apex
Camper Trailer

Vehicle Modification and Accessory Explained:
Assorted Member Vehicles explained front to back, inside and out.

Arvo Tea & Dinner Meals will be catered for. Your dietary requirements can be catered for. Please let them be known.
Lunch is MYO - Make Your Own Jaffles!
Assorted ingredients will be available and Jaffle Irons Provided for you to make your own filled Jaffles (Toasted Sandwhich)

Dinner will either be from shared meals made on the camp fire or you can bring your own food.
We are looking for volunteers to make some 'shared camp fire meals' and do some basic knowledge sharing during the process.

breakfast the following morning is BYO.
You should bring your own snacks/drinks etc also.

I have Spare Tents, Swags (Single/Double), Beds, Chairs, Stoves, Lights available to borrow for the weekend, so you can borrow what you need and come along.
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Trip Image

Meeting Point

Lat:-31.717097 Long:115.779822

Login for more information, or Email the trips co-ordinator if you would like more information, or to join the trip as a guest.

Leader(s): Adrian LONGWOOD